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Name:Classic Sherlock Holmes fanworks exchange
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fanworks
A fic and fanart exchange, open to all comers (please join community) and all types of fic, podfic and fanart - gen, het, slash, h/c, drabbles, drawings, computer art, cartoons, icons, any and all ratings and characters, only rule is that they MUST be related directly to the original books and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so no Russellverse, Ritchie movieverse, Lenfilms, Universal, BBC Radio verse, TV versions, Study in Emerald, animated Holmes with robots and/or mice - even Granada unless it's also Doyle. Yes, even the much improved (and somewhat slashy) ending to The Greek Interpreter. Not Doyle.

Crossovers acceptable but only if they have *majority* ACD canon content.

AU ('alternative universe'): works can include 'what if this happened instead of that' but should not change the setting and characters completely. If you want to discuss a particular idea, please ask mods.

Supernatural elements: anything commonly discussed or in print at the time the stories were written: e.g. spiritualism, religion, vampires, mesmerism, science fiction a la Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, ghosts, folk myths, fairies, the Loch Ness Monster, all possible.

However, please no modern fic tropes. This is to keep it classic and implies no disrespect to anyone writing anything for any other fest, community or audience. Any questions about particular ideas you have, please ask mods. Just to remind, this is ACD Holmes not 'Victorian' Holmes - The Abominable Bride BBC Sherlock special is not included.

POLICIES: We have a warnings and labeling policy.

Required warnings are for commonly upsetting content: character death, violence/torture more than would be shown on standard TV, self-harm up to and including suicide, situations where sexual consent is not crystal clear. Other warnings (e.g. period-appropriate prejudices) at your discretion.

Please DON'T submit fics or art where people in sexual relationships are under 18. I know the age of consent in 1895 was lower (still is in the UK) but...

Labeling: to help people navigate, please label fic clearly with rating, characters, pairing (if relevant), brief summary and wordcount - we will try to keep tags to a minimum consistent with clarity. Header templates will be sent when you get your assignment. If you want to keep content a surprise, use whiteout for your summary and, if relevant, a note such as "potentially disturbing content, please ask mods" and we will let prospective readers know the relevant details, without giving the whole plot away).

Artists: we will judge if art NSFW unless you indicate this yourself.

ACD's work is all in the public domain, pretty much. Tributes to our illustrious Literary Agent welcome (especially if they're funny) - actual legal-type disclaimers are up to you.

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