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Unfortunately we have had a well-past-the-deadline pullout and are now desperately seeking a volunteer to author a story for a very deserving recipient by 10th May latest. If you are interested in stepping in, send an email to the mods account at acdholmesfestmods at gmail dot com and we will send you more information about the request.

You all are the best. A kindly volunteer is bravely taking on the challenge, and a huge thank-you to everyone who offered!
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So sorry this is later than intended. Please sign up here to volunteer to beta, Britpick, Victori-pick or canon-pick (or any combination thereof) for other festeers.

Please indicate which services you can offer, how high a rating you can go, what content you are comfortable with, or not, and anything else someone seeking your help needs to know. Anyone wanting to take advantage of any offer, please then reply to a suitable comment and make arrangements to share a draft via email etc.
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We have had a pull-out and need someone to be able to commit to writing a fic by 21st November latest. Offers to mods account and we will let you know the brief.

Now filled. Thank you to all of you who offered, it was a great response!
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Now that all assignments are out (and thank you to all those who have acknowledged), it's time for the volunteers post.

In brief, for those of you taking part for the first time, we at [ profile] acd_holmesfest pride ourselves that all the work is polished to the best shine that can be managed. To help people out who may not be as confident in the ACD 'verse, and/or who want to make their work as shiny as possible, we ask volunteers in the community to offer services such as beta-reading, spelling and grammar checks, Brit-picking, canon-related advice and historical background advice. Now you all know who your assignee is, there is no danger that anyone ends up seeing their gift before posting (except the mods, and we try ( a bit) not to peek).

So, please comment here if you can help, indicating what services, how many works you can handle and any exclusions (e.g. not wanting to read explicit work, themes you find upsetting etc). If you want to take anyone up on an offer, please comment via PM and email thereafter.
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Sorry to interrupt, but we need a volunteer to avoid someone being disappointed. You need to be flexible as to the content you are happy to provide and able to complete something within the next three weeks, we will PM you with the exact assignment once we hear. Please do not comment to this post, instead reply to mods direct either at or via PM. Mods are me, [ profile] spacemutineer and [ profile] methylviolet10b


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Thanks to those who have already acknowledged receipt, please do so as soon as you hear from us.

Meanwhile, anyone who is willing to offer beta, Britpick or Victoriana-pick services, please comment to this post with what you can offer, to how many people maximum and any stipulations as to content you are OK with reading.
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Almost all of you have acknowledged your assignments: we're looking forward to the rest. Meanwhile, if you are able to offer beta services, please sign up here. Authors/artists looking for assistance please contact your chosen beta privately.

Please give a few details of the kind of help you can offer: e.g. plotting advice, SPAG, Brit- and/or Victori-picking, canon nous.

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Looking for a writer who can have something to us in about ten days as we have an apparent no-show.

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Anyone who intends to sign up for the fest, a reminder that sign ups close on Monday, midnight British Summer Time, so hie you to the Sign Ups Post before then.

Very useful suggestion from [ profile] capt_facepalm: this meme has been going around a few writers. If you have asked for fic, are a writer yourself and think this would help people get a better handle on the way you think, you could copy the meme and post it on your LJ and link to this post.

The mods and anyone else interested can answer it, and your assignee can have a look and get some ideas. Plus, it's fun!

We do believe in betas and Britpicking in this comm. If you are not British and don't already have a Britpicker,and/or do not have a regular beta/have not written ACD canon before/your own beta isn't confident in betaing that 'verse, we would like to help.

Therefore, anyone who can offer ACD canon beta or Britpicking services or both, please comment below saying which service you can offer and indicating maximum number of people you can help. If you want someone's stated service, please reply to their comment (first come, first served) and then make arrangements between yourselves via PM.
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