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Unfortunately we have had a well-past-the-deadline pullout and are now desperately seeking a volunteer to author a story for a very deserving recipient by 10th May latest. If you are interested in stepping in, send an email to the mods account at acdholmesfestmods at gmail dot com and we will send you more information about the request.

You all are the best. A kindly volunteer is bravely taking on the challenge, and a huge thank-you to everyone who offered!
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Arrives 12 midnight British Summertime, Wednesday April 15th. Four days, folks. Please send to mods account,
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So sorry this is later than intended. Please sign up here to volunteer to beta, Britpick, Victori-pick or canon-pick (or any combination thereof) for other festeers.

Please indicate which services you can offer, how high a rating you can go, what content you are comfortable with, or not, and anything else someone seeking your help needs to know. Anyone wanting to take advantage of any offer, please then reply to a suitable comment and make arrangements to share a draft via email etc.
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The Supernatural. Had a question how far the non-material can be incorporated into acd_holmesfest works. I've had a think (don't all organise a parade) and reckon that spiritualism, religion in all its guises, ghosts, psychic phenomena, folk myths and legends, fairies and at a stretch vampires (but remember SUSS!) can be included - so long as they aren't the whole story - because all were commonly discussed around Victorian dinner tables - but more "out there" elements which would constitute an AU aren't in the spirit of the fest.

I've made a note in the community profile page, but if unsure about any element you want to include or how far you want to take it, just drop us a line via PM or mods' email and we'll be happy to advise. We want to encourage maximum creativity but also maximum recognisability as ACD-related fanwork.
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We have had a pull-out and need someone to be able to commit to writing a fic by 21st November latest. Offers to mods account and we will let you know the brief.

Now filled. Thank you to all of you who offered, it was a great response!
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That's only a few days away, so we hope most of your works are getting their final beta/polish as relevant. We have a handful of submissions already and the fest is looking good. Don't miss your share :-)
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Come and get it while it's hot. ARTISTS especially sought.

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Back in a week, meanwhile [ profile] spacemutineer and [ profile] methylviolet10b will be your go-to-mods. Questions, comments, gifts of haddock (oh no, sorry, that's another fandom) - please direct to them via PM, thanks.

Keep those sign ups coming.
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For the first, and please ACD the last, time I have had to ban someone from this community. For the record, this fest remains open to any and all pairings and none, any characters, any ratings, any genre, the ONLY condition is ACD compliance and anyone claiming to know better is just plain wrong. I founded it, and I ought to know.

What I won't put up with is bad manners and snottiness. We are a good community, not perfect but civilised at least. No-one is being forced to play, but if you do, play nice.


Tweed and the mods
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Sorry to interrupt, but we need a volunteer to avoid someone being disappointed. You need to be flexible as to the content you are happy to provide and able to complete something within the next three weeks, we will PM you with the exact assignment once we hear. Please do not comment to this post, instead reply to mods direct either at or via PM. Mods are me, [ profile] spacemutineer and [ profile] methylviolet10b


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We have had lots of great submissions so far, send yours along to keep them company!

If we do not hear from you by the deadline with a submission or a formal extension request, we will have to assume you have dropped out (although we would really have needed to know that before) and will look around for a pinch hitter to take your place, so please don't forget.
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Submissions due in only a few days: get submitting, folks!
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(credit for banner: [ profile] mistyzeo)

Deadline is Wednesday 19th February, but don't leave it too late: if you were thinking of signing up at any point, take the plunge and do it now!

SIGN UP HERE for Canon-based fun
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(credit for banner: [ profile] mistyzeo)

Sign ups are now OPEN for Round 4.

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(credit for banner: mistyzeo)

Heads up, ACD Holmes readers, writers, listeners and podficcers, viewers and artists! Sunday February 9th to Wednesday February 19th is sign ups time for the next round of acd_holmesfest.

Fanworks of all ratings, genres, characters, any pairings or none are welcome, all they must be is directly based on the universe of the original books and stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. See the community profile for more guidance.

Anyone who would like to, can pimp this in their own SH-related communities or personal journals. Please direct people to the acd_holmesfest profile, thanks.
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Midnight tonight, gentlefans.
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Deadline for submissions of art, fic, etc is TOMORROW at midnight GMT. So far we have 7 pieces including my and the other mods' work, plus some agreed extensions.
Please make sure you send in your works to give us plenty of time to sort and queue them in time for posting starting 14/10/13 - we have RL & work as well as fandom, it all has to be done in the evenings, so last minute won't cut it.
Thanks in advance.


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