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May. 16th, 2015 02:22 pm
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Title: Treasure

Recipient: tweedisgood

Artist: [redacted]

Rating: G

Summary: Holmes is the gem, Watson is the setting.


Artist's Notes: I was struck, when going over the early canon, that Watson's initial motive for chronicling Holmes' exploits was in order to give Holmes the credit he deserved, and that Holmes, in his turn, didn't really understand why Watson was being so (overly) dramatic in his retellings. That was when I realized: Holmes is the gem, and Watson is the setting in which the gem is displayed.

So, how does this 3D art (which happens to be jewellery) display that? The foundation of the pendant is a blue dodecahedron; this symbolizes Holmes in his amazing perception (pentagons representing the five senses), of his search for truth (blue for truth), of his comprehension of the big picture (twelve sides, twelve representing the whole world) and his cold scientific nature (a Platonic solid).
But the dodecahedron is enclosed by gold filigree and wire, and embellished with spirals. This is Watson, being warm and emotional (gold) and prone to dramatic embellishments and atmospheric storytelling (the filigree, wire, spirals). (Also the filigree hopefully evokes quirky Victoriana)

The cord of the necklace likewise follows this theme, with the inside of the cord being smooth blue twisted cord (for Holmes) and is completely enclosed by gold chainmaille (for Watson).

Technical Notes: (for those interested in the details)
The pendant is made of laser-cut blue glittery acrylic pentagons glued together into a dodecahedron, then embellished with gold-plated brass filigree and wire. The glue used was black hot glue (and I had to scrape the edges of the dodecahedron with a razor blade in order to scrape off the excess, that wasn't fun). The pendant measures 5cm from corner to corner, and 4cm from side to side.

The necklace cord is made from twisted cord (blue polyester cord and blue spool-knit metallic thread) and chainmaille.
Chainmaille Weave: Inverted Round. Rings: gold-plated brass, WD=0.8mm, ID=4.4mm, OD=6mm, AR=5.5; half the rings are soldered shut for strength.
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