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assignments are all now posted out, if you have yet to acknowledge yours PLEASE do so to avoid the mods finding a pinch hitter for your recipient if you are in fact intending to fill the request. Thanks

Meanwhile this is a post for people to sign up to provide beta and Brit- and/or Victori-pick services to anyone in need of same. Please comment setting out what services you can offer, what content you are happy to work with (eg ratings, tropes) and how many people you can help. Fest participants should then comment on your comment if seeking your help and after that it's between you to establish contact and make arrangements.
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That's it for sign ups for Round 7 of ACD Holmesfest! Hopefully you got your entry in on time if you wanted to join in. Participants and readers, here is the schedule to expect, subject to minor changes:

Wednesday 23rd August - Assignments will be out to all participating
Wednesday 27th September - Deadline for submissions
Tuesday 10th October - Posting begins!
Tuesday 31st October - Reveals for all gifts

Participants, after matching is finished, you'll be hearing from the mods with the information you'll need. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Readers, hold tight for forthcoming ACD Holmes fic and art goodness per the schedule above. This is when the real fun starts, friends. See you all soon!
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Come one, come all, bring your friends. Old hands and new faces welcome to create new ACD canon fanworks to share.

I'll create a special signups post, this is just a trailer to get you all starting to think what you would like to request...
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[ profile] garonne has produced some interesting graphics to represent a broad statistical analysis of the works presented as part of [ profile] acd_holmesfest over the years.

Check them out HERE
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...else the universe is ruled by chance, and that is unthinkable" (CARD)

All works have now been posted. Thanks to one and all [and especial thanks to my wonderful fellow mods [ profile] spacemutineer and [ profile] methylviolet10b ] for another great round of [ profile] acd_holmesfest ! Reveal Post will be up tomorrow.
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[Mod Note: We are once again indebted to two marvellous pinch-hitters for ensuring that everyone received a gift and for saving what sanity remains to the mods. Without wonderful people like you, this simply would not be possible. Thank you!]

Title: Daring to Act
Recipient: The Fantastic Pinch-hitters of Round 6
Author: [redacted]
Rating: PG
Characters, including any pairing(s): Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson
Warnings: None
Summary: At the conclusion of a case, Watson wonders what the consequences of his actions will be.

"I watched Holmes approach with a mixture of relief and trepidation..." )

Title: Essential to the Process
Recipient: The Fantastic Pinch-hitters of Round 6
Author: [redacted]
Rating: PG
Characters, including any pairing(s): Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson
Warnings: None
Summary: Logic requires certain essentials.
"It is essential to the process..." )
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Title: “Word Games”
Author: [ profile] tweedisgood
For: [ profile] obstinatrix
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 4,294

Notes: Beta thanks to [ profile] mazaher. ‘Taboo’ was a Victorian parlour game where the aim was to reveal a given word or letter of the alphabet by deliberately alluding to it *without* actually using it in answer to questions. Sundry quotes from the canon story ‘The Empty House’ and from the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885. Cock Lane (London EC1A) is a real place. The In & Out Club is, too Sorry for the ‘Cabin Pressure’ reference. Wait: no, I’m not.

'Sodomy.' )
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Title: Telling the Bees
Recipient: [ profile] mainecoon76
Author: [ profile] marta_bee
Beta: [ profile] lindahoyland and [ profile] androdea
Rating: PG
Warnings: (canonical, more or less offscreen) character death
Word Count: 2,471 words + Notes
Summary: A moment from the Great Hiatus, on the road to Damascus.
Author's Notes: With all due apologies to Aristotle, Doyle, the Christian Bible, and any other work I've managed to scrawl over with this graffiti. I pilfer because I love.

It has been two years, seven months, and seventeen days... )
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Title: The Adventure of the Bridegroom's Photograph
Recipient: [ profile] inamac
Author: [ profile] spacemutineer
Rating: PG
Characters, including any pairing(s): Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, various OCs and historical people
Word Count: ~6600
Warnings: ACD-esque historical distortion, discussion of illness/death
Summary: There is more than one secret to be revealed when a young man comes to Holmes and Watson with a keepsake and a question.
Beta thanks: to [ profile] tweedisgood, always a treasure
Notes: [ profile] inamac, you asked for a historical mystery with an emphasis on detection, and I tried my very best for you with my first ever case-fic. See end for notes on the real mystery, what I changed, and how it differs from ACD's solution – and he had one!

I came to Baker Street often in that late spring of 1890 for that strange, sweet respite of chaos... )
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Title: The Scotland Yard Stalker
Recipient: [ profile] kerravonsen
Author: [ profile] winryweiss
Rating: PG
Characters: Dr. John H. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Stanley Hopkins, Inspector MacKenzie, Inspector G. Lestrade.
Warnings: post-hiatus timeline, case-fic, crossover with Raffles (very, very feeble one).
Summary: A mysterious stranger follows several members of Scotland Yard.
Word Count: 2491
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and everyone from this charming gaslight universe created by Arthur Conan Doyle are in the public domain. Inspector MacKenzie was created by Ernest William Hornung, and is now also in the public domain
Notes: With hearty thanks to [ profile] gardnerhill for her help and proofreading. She was patient enough to race against the clock with me, so all my gratitude belongs to her.

The Scotland Yard Stalker )
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Title: Night Train

Recipient: garonne

Characters/pairing: Holmes/Watson friendship or slash

Artist (we will redact until reveal)

Rating: G

Read more... )
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Title: and after me a strange tide turns
Recipient: [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer
Author: [ profile] obstinatrix
Rating: PG-13
Characters, including any pairing(s): Holmes/Watson
Warnings: References to period-typical homophobia
Summary: In retrospect, it was foolish to assume that a man like Sherlock Holmes knew nothing of London's darker quarters. He lived among them, after all. Title from Wilfred Owen.

In retrospect, I will readily admit that the confusion was largely my own fault... )
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Title: The Adventure of The Woman in Mourning
Recipient: [ profile] stellinia
Author: [ profile] capt_facepalm
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8200
Characters: Watson, Holmes, mention of canonical characters, a meriad of original characters.
Warnings: Violence
Summary: This fic has it all! Holmes point-of-view, kiddie fic, canonical cameos, canonical death(s), romance, murder, vengeance, confounding aliases, secret societies, deductions, and kittens!!! (Just kidding... no kittens, but a cat is mentioned in passing.)
Author's Notes: Sir Arthur played fast and loose with his chronology, and so must I. More time passes between EMPT and NORW than is conventionally accepted in canon. Revisiting SCAN is heartily encouraged but is no guarantee to understanding this story. Sorry about that.

The Adventure of the Woman in Mourning )
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Title: His Heartbeat A Lullaby
Recipient: [ profile] elina_elsu
Author: [ profile] apidologist
Rating: PG-13
Characters, including any pairing(s): Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, references to Watson/Mary Morstan
Warnings: depictions of war experiences and trauma
Summary: Watson’s army experiences are the source of nightmares which make it difficult for him to sleep, and Holmes is determined to do whatever he can to help.
Disclaimer: a line or two paraphrased from the canon and from the light of my life, BBC Radio Holmes

The smells were the first to come into focus: antiseptic, dust, sweat, blood. )
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Title: This Mortal Ark
Recipient: [ profile] spacemutineer
Author: [ profile] sevs_girl72
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson, Stamford, Inspector Lestrade and some original characters.
Warnings: Post-hiatus angst
Summary: A doctor dies after a séances at a dinner hosted by the Stamfords and Watson finds himself at the doorstep of 221b once again, despite not being sure where he and Holmes stand with each other after Holmes’ return after the hiatus.
Word Count: 3670
Disclaimer: Holmes is in the public domain and instilled in all of our Holmesian hearts, but I must pay homage to the singular genius of Arthur Conan Doyle; We’d have none of this glorious deduction and angst without him.
A/N: The title and epigraph of part I come from Tennyson’s In Memoriam XI and the epigraph of part II comes from the “Epilogue”. Also my thanks and love go to the speedy work of my two lovely betas and cheerleading team [ profile] siggen1 and [ profile] theicescholar

This Mortal Ark )
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Title: Literary Shortcomings
Recipient: [ profile] scfrankles
Author: [ profile] rachelindeed
Rating: G
Characters, including any pairing(s): John Watson; main focus is on Watson & Holmes, also touches on John/Mary marriage
Warnings: minor character death, non-specific references to illness and depression
Summary: Glimpses of a shared life.
Author’s note: Many thanks to [ profile] thesmallhobbit for the beta! I know that [ profile] scfrankles has a special love for micro-fiction, so I chose to use the "1sentence" format, wherein one takes a prompt table of 50 words, writes one sentence for each prompt, and ultimately combines them to examine a character or relationship.
Disclaimer: Thank you, Sir Arthur. Also, I am grateful to the [ profile] 1sentence LJ community for the format and also for the prompt table (I used their theme set Epsilon).

Literary Shortcomings )
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Title: The Unabridged Version of The Engineer’s Thumb
Recipient: [ profile] alafaye
Author: [ profile] jcporter1
Rating: R
Characters: Sherlock Holmes , Dr. Watson, Victor Hatherley, Inspector Bradstreet, Colonel Lysander Stark, Dr. Becher, Elise
Warnings: Descriptions of gruesome death, and near gruesome death.
Summary: "The Engineer’s Thumb" has been described in Dr. Watson’s own words as a weak case that didn’t showcase Holmes’ skills. Yet he was compelled to write it anyway, only with the good parts left out.
Disclaimer: I make no money or fame from this colorful retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle’s story or the use of characterizations of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

The Unabridged Version of "The Engineer’s Thumb" )
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Title: Treasure

Recipient: tweedisgood

Artist: [redacted]

Rating: G

Summary: Holmes is the gem, Watson is the setting.

Read more... )


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